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nounou LOVES...

tory turk

this month’s edition of nounou loves… is guest edited by our dear friend tory turk.

as an independent exhibition curator, tory is a wonder woman and switched-on powerhouse when it comes to all things style and pop culture.

find out more about her, what she craves; and what’s in her diary for the month ahead – including her exciting new exhibition ‘skateboard’ at the design museum.

culture club...

i am a londoner, born and bred, and have always had a fascination with subculture trends which originate from the city; with the amazing mix of fashion exhibitions that have recently opened, it feels like the right time to be telling and sharing these stories. 

firstly there is 'rebel: 30 years of london fashion' at the design museum. this exhibition is a fantastic celebration of the unique melting pot that makes london fashion output so special.

while you are there you can also catch my latest project ‘skateboard’ at the design museum. i have been working with industrial designer and guest curator jonathan olivaries’s on this major exhibition that surveys over 70s years of skateboard design history. during my research for the exhibition i collected testimonials from skateboarders whom i met along the way; their memories and stories have created a beautiful collective love letter to skateboarding. so when you go, make sure you download the special audio guide to hear their voices.

i need to go back and see 'the missing thread, untold stories of black british fashion' at somerset house, again!  the private view was mental, it was too busy to take in the exhibition, but the party and crowd was a vibe.

i am also looking forward to seeing ‘grime kids’ at the bfi london film festival. i read dj target’s autobiography, which the film is loosely based on. i wonder if the film will successfully transport the ‘realness’ that dj target’s book did so effortlessly. keeping subcultural content authentic is always a challenge and often a huge consideration in my curatorial work.

fan girl...

i’m a total hayley louisa brown fan girl, and she knows it. i have been trying to buy a photo she took in graceland – a close-up of elvis’s pink bed – for about 3 years. 

there is also the great peter blake, although not so much for his art as being one of my heroes for the king of collectors! 

i love designer labels, i like it when the logos are big and bashy, i mix them together, it’s probably all so wrong to the fashion editor eye, but I’m ok with that. so, when it comes to movements in fashion, i rate what johnny banger has built with 'sports banger'. the brand is a middle finger up at the establishment and is ‘for the people’ in spirit; i want to wear that message, i like the conversation, i like the noise.

me, myself and i...

every wednesday evening, i go to a pottery class. i love that for 3 hours a week I do something that is completely detached from my work and my family. the family bit may sound a bit harsh, but I work full-time and have two young girls, so yes, i need a break!

i’ve been doing yoga for over 15 years now; i go about 5 times a week. it’s actually a bit of a mystery as to why I’m not really, really good. i’m a member of third space, where they have a hot studio. my favourite class is the hot yin yoga. 

one of my biggest treats is going to my homeopath, debs mccarthy, in stroud. she also combines our session with integrative bodywork (deep tissue massage and cranial release therapy). some people may think it’s a bit woo woo but my homeopath has definitely changed my life – so woo to that!

listening to...

i’m a victim of the true crime podcast craze, but my curiosity isn’t too morbid! i prefer the life scam sub-genre, which includes shows like fun bobby and scamanda. i’m currently halfway through believable: the coco berthmann story. i’m having to resist not googling what coco looks like. i wonder if coco is listening to this investigative journalist’s podcast, what does coco think of someone broadcasting her life and uncovering its nasty truths and untruths as they unfold. as an antidote to my true crime podcasts, i'm also revisiting the seminal album 'the miseducation of lauryn hill'. it may be 25 years old but the vibes are still strong.


i’ve got a big pile of half-read books by my bed. i read a lot as part of my research for projects and exhibitions that i am working on, so i dip in and out of a mix of social history, psychology books and autobiographies. the pile currently includes ‘nina simone’s gum’ by warren ellis, ‘fans: a journey into the psychology of belonging’ by michael bond, ‘the only girl: my life and times at the masthead of rolling stone’ by robin green and ‘the answer is never: a skateboarder’s history of the world’ by jocko weyland is on the top of the pile. 


my favourite restaurant is eat tokyo, the one on old compton street is by far the best of the small chain of japanese restaurants in london. you may have to queue, and the staff can be quite rude to you, but that’s all part of the charm. 

for me the best pub in world is the compton arms in islington, and that’s not just because it’s on my doorstep! it recently triumphed in a campaign to save it from closure – all the locals came together to make sure this historical site was not closed. side note, it was also george orwell’s favourite pub. at one point it also served the best burger in the world, thanks to the four legs kitchen that resided there for a bit. four legs now have new digs, at the plimsoll, near finsbury park. i don’t have to travel too far to get my hit. i just must ignore the fact it contains a million calories. 

as you can tell i like to keep it pretty local. trevi ristorante on highbury corner is a spot! nothing beats an authentic local, no frills and no big bill, italian. best not to try and go on a match day as you will be fighting for a table amongst its regular arsenal fan devotees. 

style essentials

american apparel bodycon dress

"rip american apparel but i can’t let my obsession with this little black dress die"

carhartt wip terra 5 panel cap

"bad hair day, plane journeys, raining, running, raving. I love this cap"

nike airmax 180 ultramarine

"i live in trainers and have about 25 pairs which is about a ¼ what my boyfriend has, you do the math!" 

nine carat gold earrings

"big gold hoops - they are my uniform; i feel naked without a pair on. i only take them out in the sauna and to sleep. "

beauty cabinet

hair by sam mcknight - cool girl 

"by far the best light hairspray around, i always have a mini in my bag."

charlotte tilbury - cryo recovery mask

"this is a great way to bring some life to your face before a night out and it really does (temporarily) plump your face"

hourglass - blush trio 

"this all-year round blush palette is pretty much all the make-up i need"

palmer's - cocoa butter 

"this has been a staple for years; my daughter always says i smell like chocolate."